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Fifty-Seven K B Whitaker


K B Whitaker

Published December 1st 2009
ISBN : 9781449045388
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 About the Book 

Lena Styles is a 56 year-old woman who has everything she wants out of life, and makes sure that her family is well taken care of. She has been married to the love of her life, Jefferson, for nearly 30 years. However, her life has not always been so rosy. Although she enjoys her accomplishments up until this point, she cant help but think about how she got there. Join Lena and her family as they reminisce, take stock of their own lives, and show you how it all came together. The number 57 has a tremendous significance in Lenas family, and she is afraid of where this number will take her. As Lenas children plan a party for this momentous day, their major goal is to make it as joyous as possible. However, for Jefferson, the bottom line is that life doesnt have to be so hard, and he always works hard to make sure that it stays that way.